Thursday, July 14, 2011


Well finally Momma found time to help me. I can't really complain since she has been working hard the past year and that means I have been spoiled. Teehee. New toys, treats and all sorts of adventures. I got to go on a few camping adventures. Grandma and Grandpa spoil me with treats when we go to visit. I just recently got to meet my cousins (would you call them cousins? They are Grandma and Grandpa's cats). It was interesting. No real fighting. I got show everyone how "scarry" I can be. No puffing up, I didn't need it. I only had to growl and they would walk the other way if I didn't want to be bothered. Hehehe. It was the classic tale of David and Goliath. I am 10 pounds smaller than them but I got to run the place.

I got to relax on the deck

I helped plant flowers

I got to rock climb

I got to climb trees

Momma called the noisy things in the big drinking bowl waves. I didn't like when they went up my nose when trying to drink. I must teach them a lesson.

Here are my cousins. There is Xander. He is big and looked scary until I figured out he is just a big baby. He pouted in his room all weekend and hid behind Grandma when I came to say "Hello". My other cousin is Abby. She was braver than Xander but Momma said it was because she was a "wild" cat before Grandma and Grandpa adopted her.

Cousin Xander

Cousin Abby and I on the deck at camp.

At least at camp I am not the only kitty on a string like at home. Adventures at camp were fun. Then that white stuff came again and made all my little toes cold. I didn't have to wear my sweater this year since Momma said I was big enough. I don't much like the cold on my toes and on gloomy days without sun to warm me up I like to snuggle with Daddy.

Me and my Daddy
He is very warm to sleep on and is the right size so I can still watch out the window while I warm my toes. Teehee. I found this new thing Momma puts on the table I am allowed on. It smells pretty and is warm. Momma yelled at me when I tried sniffing it. I didn't know why until I got my nose a bit too close. Something smelt funny and then my poor wiskers were a tiny bit shorter. I am okay but don't get that close anymore. I just watch the funny little dancing thing in the middle of it.

Then all the snow was gone and it was warm again. I like it when it is warm. I get to spend a lot of time outside in the yard. Daddy stays home all day in the summer. Momma says it's because he works all winter in the white stuff out of town. This means I get to spend almost all day outside. I love the sun.

Sometimes it gets really hot and all I want to do is be lazy. It gets too hot to be outside because I have some black spots. Just this last little bit here has been super hot and sticky. My toes sweat. Yuck. Momma says it has been 29C (84F) without humidity and 34C (97F) with humidity. Momma says it isn't always like this but all it makes me want to do is sleep.

So since it is another hot day today me and Momma are going for a car ride in the air conditioning. She says we are going to Pet Smart. Oh boy I get to pick out a new toy. Hope you are all staying cool and having a good summer.

Will try and keep Momma on updating for me.