Monday, November 8, 2010

Much Excitment!

Hello everyone I know I have been unable to post on here as Mamma has been busy work long days and when she gets home she wants to snuggle instead of blogging. I can't complain, I like snuggles. However, Momma will no longer be working days where she leaves and it's dark and comes home in the dark. She says she will help me once she is all settled. I have many exciting things to share.


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Still Here.

Just a post to let you know Momma and me are still here just very, very busy. I hop eshe has time soon to help me blog as I have many adventures to tell. Hope all my friends and thier hooomans are enjoying the summer/spring.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cuddles Work Wonders.

Momma say Thank You for all your thoughts and warm fuzzy hugs. Things are setteling down here and I secretly think it is thanks to my cuddles. Momma says it's because I am a goof and make her laugh.
It has been so nice out that I get to play outside for hours when Momma gets home and no sweater. Yippy! Well this big bunny guy Momma talked about came by and left me some toys. He is lucky I didn't catch him or I would have held him ransom for more. I do like playing with the shinny, crinkle paper Momma calls "foil wrappers" the best though. I can hear thoes papers from anywhere in the house. Playing with thoes crinkle papers makes me tired so I rest up in my favorite spot. Momma and Daddy call it my kitty hammock.

The Kitty Hammock

Relaxing with my feet up

Speaking of mhy feet.... Some of you may wonder what they actually look like if you have never seen a polydactyl. I have 7 toes on one front paw, 6 ont he other and 5 on each back paw. They don't cause any problems other than my back legs are kinda long and I sit like a rabbit, or so Grandma says.

                       "Rabbit Nap" as Grandma calls it.

                                     My tosies

                                      Front tosies close up

                                         Back tosies

Well Momma  says she can't figure why these pictures won't center but I forgive her. On the back paw you can see that the extra tosies have a full pad and they have a claw also. The front are the same so I am a true Polydactyl and not a Radial Hypoplasia feline. Polydactyls do not have problems other than Momma having to cut the nails to stop it from becoming in grown. I don't like having my claws done. Everytime Momma cuts them it requies I wash them after and there are extras to wash.

        Ewwww she touched my tosies. Must wash, must wash.

I do like using my paws alot. I try and pick things up like pencils and pens. I also play cathch with myself when Momma is busy. I can throw my toys myself and then chase them. I do get in trouble when I try and pick things off the table. Momma squirst me with water. Then I have to bath again. How do your parents stop you from doing all thoes fun things (oh Momma says they are bad things)?

Ooop. Momma says she has to stop blogging since she needs to catch up on dishes and laundry. I will help. I am good at holding the clothes in the laundry basket when they come out of the dryer.

Momma says Thank You again for the fuzzy hugs.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cuddling with Momma, taking a break from blogging.

Momma said she can not help with my blog for a bit. Her Uncle has passed away and she needs to help her Momma. I will cuddle and give her kisses until she feels well enough to blog again.


Friday, April 2, 2010

Oh my goodness!

Wow! Thank you for all the warm furry welcomes. Momma showed me and I was so happy. I will have to have her head over to the Cat Blogosphere and sign me up. It is Good Friday and Momma has the day off. I am soo happy since this has ment many hours off "couch monster" time as Daddy calls it. Momma and me lay on the couch and cuddle. She pets me and I nuzzle into her hand and fall asleep. This day is particularly good for couch monsters since it is raining here. I do like the rain much better since this white stuff Momma calls snow is cold and she makes me wear my sweater outside when the ground is white. I do however, wear it well and it does keep me from shaking from the cold.

See, don't I look puuurfect? I thought so.

This was my first time seeing this snow stuff and I have come to a decision that it is yummy and snowballs are fun to bat around but my toes get awful cold. I am glad that Momma has nice warm blankets to curl up on after and a thing she calls a heater vent to lay in front of.

                                        Me and my best friend.

It is warm now where we live and I get to go outside everyday when Momma gets home from work. I love outside since I get to play with the buggies and my friend LaPew. He drops by if I am not outside to see if I can come play.

We have fun even if Momma won't let me off my string. She says it keeps me safe from thoes noisy beasts called "cars". I can not wait to have my next camping adventure. Until then it's the backyard for me.

Oh Momma says it's time for her to start Easter baking. Maybe she will let me lick the milk measuring cup. Mmmmmm. I think I shall wait up to see this giant bunny that is supposed to try and get into our house. Momma says he leaves toys for good kittens. He better only leave them and not take them or he will have to get through me.

Well I wish all of you a Purrfectly Happy Easter.


Monday, March 29, 2010

My First Big Trip

Oh look Momma has time to help me again. Yippy! Now I can tell you about my first camping trip.
So Momma and Daddy picked me up and we headed the 2 blocks home. I slept until the next day. I was awoke by Momma lifting me up and putting this funny contraption around me. She kept calling it a harness. She said it would keep me safe. So I was shuffled off into the truck. I kinda like this big thing that moves. It is better to be up high so you can see out the windows, although everything goes by so fast I got dizzy trying to look and fell off my special riding spot.
Here I am on my way to camping with Momma

We got to our camping spot. It was one of Momma's friends houses in the country. It was nice there and I got to play outside but there was this noisy, furry, smelly thing. Momma called it a dog. I don't know if I like them yet. Well Momma kept me on the harness when I was outside and I was free to roam the trailer without that thing on as long as the screen door was closed.
Here I am on my harness. Not so bad once I got used to it.

I had lots of fun playing with the "bugs" as Momma called them. I call them tasty. Specially the big ones with the crunchy clear bits. Momma called these "dragonflies" and the crunchy parts "wings".   
"I claim this bed in the name of Digit."

When I was inside I slept most of the time. Here is a picture Momma took of me as I was getting ready for nap time. Momma said these were her pillows and spot but I know different. She really means they are for me. Hehehe! I had to move when Momma and Daddy came to bed but I slept between thier heads. It was the safest place since I was so small. Look how small and snuggly I am. We only stayed one night and then it was back home to playing and sleeping. I was tuckered out after my big adventure.

I can't wait for Spring to come so I can bask in the sun and have new adventures. So until then I will sleep and dream of things to come.


Friday, March 26, 2010


Oh Boy! I am so excited my Momma just started a blog for me. Took her long enough. She has had me for 6 months and only now decided to help me with this blogging thing. Sheesh! A Princess like me should not be kept waiting.
Hmmm... maybe I should tell you a bit about me. Because it's all about me! I was born two blocks from where I live now. Momma found me in the local Kijiji adds. When Momma and Daddy came to get me I was a little stinker and hid. Hehehe! Had to make sure they REALLY wanted me. You see I am bit different. I have 6 toes on one of my front paws, 7 on the other front and 5 on each back paw. This makes for a total of 5 extra toes. They say I look like I am wearing mittens, what are mittens? Anyway, when I got home there were toys , food and a litter box waiting for me. I however, slept the rest of that day and night in Momma's lap. This was a good thing as we went camping the next day. My second day home and I was already having a great adventure.
Hrrrumph! I will have to tell you about it in another post since Momma says she has to get back to work. I guess I can let her get back to work so she make some money to buy me a new toy.