Monday, March 29, 2010

My First Big Trip

Oh look Momma has time to help me again. Yippy! Now I can tell you about my first camping trip.
So Momma and Daddy picked me up and we headed the 2 blocks home. I slept until the next day. I was awoke by Momma lifting me up and putting this funny contraption around me. She kept calling it a harness. She said it would keep me safe. So I was shuffled off into the truck. I kinda like this big thing that moves. It is better to be up high so you can see out the windows, although everything goes by so fast I got dizzy trying to look and fell off my special riding spot.
Here I am on my way to camping with Momma

We got to our camping spot. It was one of Momma's friends houses in the country. It was nice there and I got to play outside but there was this noisy, furry, smelly thing. Momma called it a dog. I don't know if I like them yet. Well Momma kept me on the harness when I was outside and I was free to roam the trailer without that thing on as long as the screen door was closed.
Here I am on my harness. Not so bad once I got used to it.

I had lots of fun playing with the "bugs" as Momma called them. I call them tasty. Specially the big ones with the crunchy clear bits. Momma called these "dragonflies" and the crunchy parts "wings".   
"I claim this bed in the name of Digit."

When I was inside I slept most of the time. Here is a picture Momma took of me as I was getting ready for nap time. Momma said these were her pillows and spot but I know different. She really means they are for me. Hehehe! I had to move when Momma and Daddy came to bed but I slept between thier heads. It was the safest place since I was so small. Look how small and snuggly I am. We only stayed one night and then it was back home to playing and sleeping. I was tuckered out after my big adventure.

I can't wait for Spring to come so I can bask in the sun and have new adventures. So until then I will sleep and dream of things to come.



  1. Hi Cutie Pie! What a little sweetie you are!

    I noticed you were following so I came by to introduce myself. Have you been to the Cat Blogosphere yet? I bet alot of my friends would love to meet you.

    I could introduce you... ya know if your shy or busy killing bugs.

    Fin & Meg the Mom

  2. You can find the link at my place, I think. I am headed right over to introduce you.

    You can use the Mr Linky there to link your posts so the cats know how to find you.

    There are lot's of great kitties out there with blogs and they are a great bunch.

  3. Hi, We read Fin's note on the CB and came by to meet you. You sure have a lot of toes. Must make it easier to go camping and have fun.

  4. Hi Digi! We read about yoo over on da Cat Blogosphere, Fin was nice enuff to introduce yoo. Wow, two days in yoor furever home and yoo already had a big adventure. Yoo must be really good at catching nommy bugs wif all dem extra toes. Mom sez yoor mom looks familiar, but she's old and senile so we'z not sure.

  5. Hi Digi!! Fin told us about you and we are very pleased to meet you!! Welcome to blogging!! Camping looked likes lots of fun!! We especially like the last picture of you napping!!
    Howdy from your TX furiends,

  6. Hi Digi! We came over from the Cat Blogosphere to meet you. What a precious little sweetie you are! And already having such big adventures; wow!

    We're Annie, Nicki, Derry and the personal assistant, Kim, from Fuzzy Tales.

  7. Hello Princess Digit, we saw your name on the CB and dropped by to say hello! We love a polypawed pusscat. Those extra toes must be real handy for catching tasty bugs!

    Whicky Wuudler

  8. Hello there, Fin told me about you to over at the Cat Blogosphere so I came by give you a warm welcome. You're a cutie!

  9. Hi Digi, you're a little cutie. We heard about you from Fin on the CB too. Wow! That must have been exciting going camping. We like to walk around our fields, but we have never been camping.

  10. Hi Digi! Welcome to the CB! I've never been camping, but that sounds like a lot of fun!

  11. Hi Digi! Welcome to the cat blogosphere! Wow, aren't you a cutie pie!!

  12. Hi Digi, We're glad to meet such a cutie like you. And you tell a really good tale. We like that you know your place in the bed already, too.

  13. Hi Digi! We saw Fin's post about you at the CB and wanted to come and meet you! You are quite a cutie! We have never been camping but it sounds like fun - we are indoor kitties so we don't get too many bugs to eat - it sounds like you got to have a lot to choose from!

  14. Hi ya, Digi! Fin told us about you! What a cutie you are! And how lucky you got to go camping! We've never been camping!! We can't wait to get to know you better!!

    Wally, Ernie & Zoey

    (Digi...I'm a poly too! I've got 24 toesies! It's so nice to meet another poly! ~Ernie)

  15. Hi cute Digi! Welcome to the CB! :)

  16. Hi Digi! Welcome to the Cat Blogoshpere. We have lots of fun here.